Arrow Bronze & The Modurn Group Announcement

ARROW BRONZE AND THE MODURN GROUP ANNOUNCE AN EXCLUSIVE PARTNERSHIP OFFERING INTERACTIVE BRONZE PLAQUES AND MODURNS MEMORIALISATION PRODUCTS IN AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND. Arrow Bronze is the premier supplier of Bronze and Aluminium plaques and accessories expertly crafted in Australia. Our commitment to growth has led to a dynamic partnership with ModUrn that will ensure … Continued

Smart Memorial Plaque

We have released Australia’s first “smart plaque” incorporating technology to take memorials to the next level. By merging digital technology and the traditional bronze plaque we have created a detailed, thoughtful, intuitive platform and product in which to honour a life and share a life story.

Design, development and digitisation

We have a modern state of the art facility utilising the latest technologies in computer artwork, pattern making, foundry equipment, production lines and finishing technology and equipment.

The environment and recycling

We have always looked at ways of improving our recycling and sustainability of bronze and aluminium. We have developed a simple and effective national closed loop recycling program that ensures all materials are recycled thereby working towards a circular economy.

Artist Series

After consultation and feedback from clients we have released 10 new designs called which we have branded – “Artist Series”. A range of highly creative and beautifully designed memorials to once again demonstrate our mantra of creating “living memories”.