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Creating lasting living memories

At Arrow Bronze, we understand the importance of one of the last gesture’s you can do for your loved one - memorialising and celebrating their life.

The memorial you honour them with reflects your love, your loss, and your memory of those who have passed.

Our handcrafted memorials are 100% Australian made and each is made with empathy, respect and care for you and your loved one.

Create your “living memory” from our wide range of designs spanning from the most traditional to the most contemporary as well
as the option of something tailored specific to your wishes.

A great memorial tells the story of your loved one
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By placing a photo cameo of your loved one gives a memorial plaque a personal touch.


Emblems can depict the character, interest and lifestyle of a special person.


We offer a wide range of different borders to make plaques unique and special.


Personalise your memorial with a perpetual flower or emblem.

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Smart Memorial

By merging digital technology and the traditional bronze plaque we have created a detailed and thoughtful product in which to honour a life and share a life story.


Huge range of popular fonts to choose from.

Lasting Memories

When photos are created in bronze this product allows the photos to tell the story of your loved one.

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Cremation urns and vases

Today, as cremation continues to be the preferred choice over burial, the placement of cremated remains can be highly dignified by the use of urns.

Did you know aged plaques can be refurbished?

Arrow Bronze make their plaques up to 50% thicker, which means they can be refurbished to last longer.

This process will return the plaque virtually to its original “showroom” condition with fresh paint and Diamond Shield™ finish re-applied.

For best results, refurbishment is best carried out by Arrow Bronze in our controlled factory conditions and your Cemetery will provide further details of this cost-effective process.

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