Privacy Policy - Arrow Bronze

Matthew Bronze Pty Ltd - Trading as Arrow Bronze

Matthews Bronze is committed to protecting the privacy of information relating to you. The information that we collect and store include information that identifies you, such as your name, address, date of birth, place of business and nature of business. We will use fair and lawful ways to collect personal information and the information we will hold will be provided by you to us directly.

We adhere to NPPs stated in the Privacy Act in collection and dealing with your personal information. We will only collect and use personal information that is necessary to conducting our business. Information may be gathered or held about purchases and where you seek further information about any of our products and services. At the time personal information is collected from an individual, we will make the individual aware of the purpose for which the information is collected.

We will take reasonable steps to protect the personal information held about individuals from misuse or unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

Matthew Bronze will ensure the security of the information you provide by taking all reasonable steps to ensure that your personal details are stored securely in both electronic and physical forms.

Matthew Bronze acknowledges the right of an individual to remain anonymous in transactions, whenever lawful and practical.

Dealing with your Personal information

Any personal information collected will be used in accordance with this Privacy Statement for the purpose for which Matthews Bronze collected it as well as any other purposes related to Matthews Bronze normal business operations and also:

  • (a) direct marketing purposes, unless you have previously advised that you do not wish to be contacted. The first time we contact you for marketing purposes we will give you n express opportunity to decline any further contact
  • (b) other purposes connected with the operation, administration, improvement and development of Matthew Bronze
  • (c) use of your e-mail address in order to alert you to any changes or alteration in Matthews Bronze’s services that affect you; or
  • (d) where such use is otherwise authorised by or under any law

If personal information is no longer required for the activities and functions of Matthews Bronze, we will make all reasonable efforts to destroy the personal information about you that we hold

Matthews Bronze will only disclose information:

  • (a) in accordance with the Privacy Statement
  • (b) where you have expressly or impliedly consented to such disclosure; or
  • (c) where such disclosure is required or authorised by or under any law

Your ability to access your Personal Information

If you request access to the personal information we hold about your specifically, we will take all reasonable steps to disclose to you the information requested, in accordance with the NPP’s

You are entitled to access and view personal information about you stored by Matthews Bronze. You may update your personal information at anytime. By enabling you to update your personal information, Matthews Bronze takes reasonable steps to ensure that personal information is accurate, complete and up to date. Where your personal information has not been expressly updated by you, Matthews Bronze cannot be responsible for the accuracy, completeness of currency of the information.

A copy of this document will be provided to all individuals upon request