Photo Cameos - Arrow Bronze

Made at Arrow Bronze, easy ordering and fitted to your plaque. Each style of Photo Cameo comes in a range of sizes to suit your memorial plaque, when ordering your photo cameo, please state the type, size and any special requirements.

Photo Cameos

  • Lasting Memories

    Cast Bronze Photo Reproduction
    Solid Bronze, Bas Relief, Lifetime Warranty, Freestanding or Cast on plaque
    Oval and Rectangle available

  • Ultraimage

    Combines the beauty of porcelain and the strength of stainless steel
    Quality Image guaranteed not to fade
    Durable & Gouge Resistant
    50% thinner than standard ceramic
    Steel Reinforced

    Wide range of sizes available, can be fixed to walls, monuments, slabs etc...

  • Ceramic

    Porcelain, perfect complement to your loved one’s memorial
    Available with 24k Gold Line - Weather Proof - Durable - Closest match to true colours
    Oval and Rectangle available


Colours may vary from the digital image supplied to the finished product due to the process, taking into account that toners are different from those used to print photos and specifically designed for the ceramic & ultra image reproduction process. The main difference is bright colours such as pink, purple & magenta which become darker as the toner is made from gold. Ceramics & ultra images are also baked, fired in a kiln at 800 – 900 degrees. This process does contribute to a reduced image quality & slight colour variations but will ensure longevity of the image for years to come.

Acceptable Images

• High resolution & large image size
• (300 dpi or higher)
• Smooth, continuous gradients
• No / Minimal pixelation
• Sharp clear image
• Good colour / contrast balance

Zoomed in, the image still retains detail and sharpness

Unacceptable Images

• Low resolution & small image size
• (Lower than 300 dpi)
• Pixelated images
• Banding
• Blurry or out of focus
• Poor colour and contrast
• Heavy shadows on face
• Edited photos (Filters, Photoshop)

Zoomed in, the image is pixelated and loses detail