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Arrow Bronze is the premier supplier of bronze and aluminium plaques and accessories to the memorial industry in Australia.

When arranging a memorial plaque, it is the final step that a family can do for their loved one. At Arrow Bronze, we understand the difficult time that families are going through when they are arranging the memorial. It can also be a stage that helps in the families grieving process. Even though we are a manufacturing company, our staff take great pride in the manufacture of the plaque.

We display compassion and empathy that will ensure that the plaque is of the highest quality and does credit to the memory of the deceased. Our plaques are touched by hands that care, and we pay the utmost attention to detail in the manufacture of each plaque. We often hear our employees saying, “it is nice to make a difference”. Our staff treat each plaque as if it were for their loved one.


Our range of bronze and aluminium memorial plaques, urns and other memorial products are expertly crafted in Australia with dedication to the highest quality standards This range epitomises our promise of creating “living memories” for our clients.


The use of bronze and aluminium in the Architect and Design sectors is growing in popularity and prominence. Architects and designers whose vision is bronze and aluminium, partner with us to realise that vision and bring it to life.


Our commitment to ongoing improvement and innovation is unwavering. From new and easier ways to design through our proprietary ArrowScript technology, to our commitment to the environment and recycling, we will continue to focus on new and better ways to help our customers.

Arrow Bronze Quality Assurance

At Arrow Bronze we understand the memorial for your loved one must last a lifetime.
Each memorial we produce is designed, forged, and developed with the ultimate of care, and artisan talent.
We know quality can’t be rushed.
Each memorial bares our commitment to creating Living Memories