Memorialisation is a permanent symbol and recognition of the life of a loved one. Memorialisation is ideally located in an environment that affords tranquility, security, beauty and privacy. Cemeteries and Crematoriums as well as Churches and other community sites provide an accessible and convenient location for present and future generations to visit, reflect and learn.

It can be a disservice to the community, families and future generations if cremated remain are left in cupboards, funeral homes, in storage at the cemetery or scattered in remote or public places without a memorial. Memorials kept at home by immediate family members may also be a problem as they may not be accessible to wider family and friends and in time might be lost forever.

Permanent memorials, in a public place where anyone can visit at any time without imposition to others and without interruptions to themselves are the best option for all.

Cemeteries offer beautiful gardens, lush lawns, features and an overall park-like setting for a wide variety of memorialisation options. Memorials are respectfully maintained along with the gardens and lawns thus providing a fitting setting where the lives of loved ones can be forever recorded and celebrated.

(Genesis Garden – Courtesy of Southern Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust - Bunurong Memorial Park)